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Vision and Mission

What drives us

We are a passionate, diverse and multi-disciplinary group of staff who believe in bringing evidence and different perspectives together to effect positive change within policing.


Coordinating and improving the policing response to vulnerability.


We build and utilise evidence and practice knowledge to drive improvements for persons who are subject to abuse, neglect and exploitation.

We provide a multi disciplinary supportive offer which combines research, analysis, subject matter expertise and peer review to influence policy and improve practice across policing and partnerships. 

VKPP Objectives and Priority Workstreams 2023/4

Our values in delivering our vision and mission

Supportive & positive

We believe that collectively we can support the best responses to vulnerability within policing nationally. We care about what we do.


We are a multi-disciplinary team with a range of expertise and experience. We continue to keep our knowledge and skills up to date through continuous professional development.


We adhere to strong ethical and moral principles, values and demonstrate a commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion throughout our work. We are bold and reflective in our thinking and actions. 


Not only do we respect one another within the team, we respect and value the contributions of our internal policing partners as well as those from sectors, practitioners and academia’s outside of policing, including experts by experience.


We acknowledge that bias exists but together we are open to learning and challenging our thinking.


Our work is evidence-based and we seek internal and external feedback on our products and activities.