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Funding Streams and Governance

The VKPP are funded via the Home Office and specific grants provided by the Tackling Abuse and Exploitation Unit and Interpersonal Abuse Unit. Linked to this there are formal quarterly and annual reporting requirements so that the VKPP can demonstrate they are delivering against grant requirements and providing value for money.

From a national policing perspective, the VKPP work to the strategic direction of the NPCC Violence and Public Protection Board (VPP), its head DCC Maggie Blyth and the other NPCC leads which report in.  Due to the child focus of much of VKPP’s work, this includes close working with the NPCC Child Protection Abuse Investigation (CPAI) lead, DCC Ian Critchley.

The VKPP is supporting and informing the national policing response to VAWG (Violence Against Women and Girls), directed by National Police Chiefs’ Council lead DCC Maggie Blyth. A national VAWG delivery framework has been developed to deliver collaborative, positive change in policing. The VKPP team will be leading the performance, analysis and insight work required as well as progressing defined elements of the partnership and policy work specifically around education.

The VKPP’s Domestic Homicide Project is funded through the Home Office’s Domestic Abuse Interpersonal Abuse Unit, and primarily reports into NPCC Domestic Abuse lead  AC Louisa Rolfe.  The VKPP’s peer review work is in part funded by Operation Soteria, launched by the Home Office following the UK Government’s End-to-End Rape Review and seeks to improve outcomes for victims of rape and sexual offences.

Across the VKPP’s work, we collaborate with the College of Policing, other national policing programmes and wider partners to maximise reach and reduce duplication. Individual workstreams are also supported and reviewed by expert reference groups to ensure work is focussed and delivered in the right space.