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Why choose the VKPP?

Read our staff testimonials below to find out why they chose to join our brilliant team! 

As a senior analyst within VKPP, I am responsible for managing a small team of analysts to deliver the national requirements for VAWG. This including leading on the first ever strategic threat and risk assessment, providing support for the national spiking response, and collaborating with academics on innovative research.

By directly working with experts within the field, (including some of the most senior police officers in the county), this position has given me a unique opportunity to influence policing at the highest level. Whilst this has the potential to be incredibly overwhelming, the fantastic welfare support and collaborative atmosphere of VKPP has meant I have always felt supported within my work, with the team continuingly striving to excel and improve its response to vulnerability.

Isma Younis - Senior Analyst

My experience as an Intelligence Analyst within the VAWG taskforce is very interesting and diverse. On a day to day basis, I perform analysis on data from internal and external sources and liaise with a wide variety of colleagues. My analysis provides an assessment of the national strategic threat and risk picture of VAWG offences including Stalking and Harassment and Sexual Exploitation. 

 Working within the wider VKPP team, there are plenty of opportunities for growth and development, and I can genuinely say that everyone is so supportive of each other, which is great! There is a great ethos about the team 😊

Hollie Williams - Intelligence Analyst VAWG

When I started working at the VKPP, I had recently begun my doctoral training on the DForenPsy course, studying to become a practicing Forensic Psychologist. I have found my work as a research assistant complementary to my doctoral work in that it has allowed me to balance research and consultation evidence with my practice work, and has enabled me to develop a strong understanding of many different parts of the criminal justice system. It has been challenging at times to balance studying alongside my employment, however the team have been responsive to this and have allowed me flexibility in my hours in order to accommodate my doctoral training, whilst also maintaining a work-life balance.

It has also been so helpful and inspiring to work alongside other professionals who have completed or are currently working on post-graduate qualifications, either independently or through their role, and people have always been happy to share their experiences, along with the challenges, and support each other. There is a real community of shared experiences and skills and always something to learn from each other.

Sian Brown - Research Assistant

Working for the VKPP is awesome!

It is really rewarding workplace, full of colleagues who are not only very knowledgeable, but so supportive and there is a real sense (despite the individual workstreams), that we really are one team.  Working virtually means that I have some flexibility as a mother, which really supports a healthy work life balance for me.   Despite their hectic schedules, management and directors ensure they are fully involved and take great interest in the work you do and the person you are.  I thoroughly enjoy the work I am involved in, but have always been supported to pursue any growth be it in my current role, or other areas.

Sarah Carter - Executive Project Officer and Personal Assistant