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The VKPP carries out primary and secondary research to address some of the key challenges across policing nationally, in which ‘vulnerability’ is a factor. 

Topics for our research are carefully selected through a prioritisation process that involves consultation with National Police Chiefs’ Council leads across Violence and Public Protection balanced with, and informed by, VKPP evidence-gathering across our workstreams so that we are responsive to emerging threats and practice challenges that are identified by leaders in policing. 

Selected research is also aligned with the College of Policing ‘perennial issues’; these are ten priority areas where action is needed to drive improvements for the public across a range of contexts, rather than for specific crime types. Our National Vulnerability Action Plan (NVAP) docks into these perennial issues, with specific reference to vulnerability. 

Additionally, our research aims to produce useful insights and resources for operational and strategic policing to influence learning and development alongside improved service processes across forces.  With steering and oversight from a multi-disciplinary Expert Reference Group, we prioritise and select relevant topic areas for investigation.  Our team undertake literature reviews to establish what is already known about thematic areas of interest and employ a range of methodologies to answer our research questions.  We work closely with policing stakeholders to make sense of our findings and establish/recommend solutions that are relevant to the complex reality of policing. 

Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) is central to our approach, ensuring that we capture and amplify the views and lived experiences of individuals (both within policing and those individuals whom the police serve) affected by structural inequality.