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Consolidating police learning from case reviews


The Reviews Team within the VKPP conducts analyses of different types of statutory case reviews in order to extract specific learning for the police, and identify issues across a range of reviews and review types. This has included analyses of

  • Serious Case Reviews (SCRs),
  • Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SARs),
  • Child and Adult Practice Reviews,
  • Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs) and,
  • Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangement (MAPPA) Serious Case Reviews. (2022/23)

A systems approach is taken to identify factors within the policing environment that may support or hinder safeguarding practice. The analysis is further framed by the College of Policing’s ‘perennial issues’ to support alignment of learning at a national level.

Most recently, the workstream has focused on how policing can be supported to improve the quality of information that is fed into reviews, alongside exploring existing learning and governance arrangements within forces concerning statutory .


This workstream aims to strengthen the review learning systems through research, community building and influencing activity. This has been done by systematically identifying key themes and practice/ knowledge gaps that police nationally can access, learn from, and prioritise their responses to. The workstream will also seek to better understand how forces learn from reviews and how this learning impacts on practice changes locally.

The current objectives around Networking, Individual Management Review [IMR], Analysis and Learning and Governance Exploration:

  • Develop and support a national network of review teams/ officers to share existing resources and good practice,
  • Evaluating the quality of reviews to ensure that effective learning takes place, with a focus on IMRs,
  • Explore existing governance arrangements regarding the implementation of learning from statutory reviews.


VKPP work in this area has led to learning that has:

  • Directly informed practice change locally, via Heads of Public Protection and through national dissemination.
  • Provided evidence for the National Vulnerability Action Plan, which has been incorporated into Peer Review reports back to forces.
  • Provided a subject focus within key seminars at national conferences.
  • Informed national learning through presentations to bodies, such as the national Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel and HMICFRS.
  • Influenced and shaped resources for police in relation to vulnerability/ exploitation, and incorporated learning in the College of Policing’s digital training development and direct entry training course.
  • Influenced inputs to review officer training and the public protection safeguarding leaders programme


The VKPP has separately analysed different types of reviews, disseminating key learning to police within short practice briefings.    

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Keeping in touch

The Reviews Team will regularly and engage and consult with forces through the publication of regular newsletters and drop-in sessions. Our previous newsletters can be found on the VKPP Knowledge Hub page: Home - Vulnerability Knowledge and Practice Programme - Knowledge Hub.

Please follow this link to view our most recent newsletter: Reviews Team Newsletter - Forum - Vulnerability Knowledge and Practice Programme - Knowledge Hub.

 For more information, or to find out more about the work of the reviews team, please contact