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VKPP Conference Presentations- March 2023

Workshop Presentation slides

 You can view a selection of workshop presentations on this page.

Implementing the NVAP

The workshop provided a brief overview of the National Vulnerability Action Plan (NVAP) and then an in-depth look at how to implement it in force, as an over-arching action plan in line with the HMICFRS Peel framework.
Senior Project Manager, Caroline Adams explored the challenges and barriers to implementation and looked at force case studies. The session was aimed at those who are keen to learn more about the NVAP and are keen to deconflict other action plans against the NVAP.

Implementing the NVAP

 Tackling Organised Exploitation Programme (TOEX)

TOEX Programme Director, T/Detective Chief Superintendent Kate Thacker, hosted a session focused on the development of VAWG Force Profiles which identify high-risk offenders to prompt tactical responses. In collaboration with DCC Blyth’s team, VKPP, SMEs and regional leads, TOEX has developed VAWG Force Profiles, and delivered them to the nine forces that contribute to the TOEX data platform. The profiles model the data with a cloud-based analytical programme and use force, regional and national datasets to contribute to the profile. It provides an understanding of the strategic, geographical, and individual threat of VAWG, using the national VAWG definition to pre-slice the data, creating visualisations to direct operational activity. Crucially, the programme can; focus on both suspects and victims; identify those of high risk; differentiate between high volume and high harm; and create subject-level profiles to prompt tactical responses. During the workshop, T/DCS Thacker demonstrated the Force Profile and gave feedback from the force users to date.


What enables us to talk about Race?

This session looked specifically at race and considered what enables us to talk about race within our teams. The session was led by Dominique Walker, Lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University within the School for Justice, teaching Policing Studies and was a Trainee Detective Constable within Merseyside Police Protecting Vulnerable People Sigma Hate Crime Investigations. DCC Tyron Joyce joined the second part of the session and discussed the cognisance of the Police Race Action Plan: Improving policing for Black people.

What enables us to talk about Race?